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Some Key Features of OpenIV

Here are some features that made OpenIV different from other alternative apps.

Install Mods

OpenIV made it simple to add different kinds of mods to GTA games with ease. You just need to download the mods from online and put them into the OpenIV "mods" folder. All the other required things will be done by this tool. So, you don't need to take any critical actions as this tool will do everything perfectly and smoothly.

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Switch Between Original Game and Modded Game

The latest version of OpenIV doesn't modify the original game files to add the mods. Because of this, you can easily switch between the original game and the modded game. To do this, you just need to move the "mods" folder out of the game folder. Then just run the game and you will be able to play the pure version of the game.

Texture Editor

With this tool, you can easily edit the textures of a game. It has the support of an advanced texture editor. To accomplish this, first, open OpenIV and navigate to the texture you want to edit. Then right-click on it and click on "Edit". Make the changes you wanted to and click on "Rebuild". Your modification will be applied to the game.

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Some Key Features

File management

OpenIV allows users to open and edit the game's files, such as models and textures, as well as create new assets and add them to the game.

Customizable User interface

OpenIV allows users to customize the layout of the program to their liking.

Advanced Text editor

OpenIV has an advanced text editor that allows users to edit the game's scripts and other text files.

Handling Multiple Versions of the game

OpenIV is compatible with multiple versions of the game, including both the original release of GTA IV and the Episodes from the Liberty City expansion pack.

Scenario Editor

OpenIV allows users to create custom missions and scenarios for the game.

Decompile and Compile Support

OpenIV has a powerful feature that allows you to decompile and recompile various game files, such as models and textures.

Support for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems

OpenIV is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, and it provides full support for both.

Customizable settings

OpenIV allows users to customize various settings, such as how the program handles backups and how it navigates the game's files.

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